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Eliminating hidden obstacles

Tactics for improving student persistence in higher education

Through work with the College Possible Catalyze program and the NCAN Advocacy Fellowship, we are elevating our students’ voices in policy discussions and community conversations around college persistence.

This webinar stars at the micro-level focusing on our two student fellows, honing in on their journeys, the mechanisms that helped them persist, and the hidden barriers that continue to challenge their (and other students’) persistence. We then engage with one of our Catalyze coaches zooming out to focus more holistically on the hidden barriers they have seen students overcome. Closing with a macro-level view of the landscape impacting our student’s persistence and a call to action. We hope that as nonprofits and institutions respond to their student’s needs, given an exceptionally turbulent time, they consider actions that address deeper inequities faced by historically marginalized students both on campus and in the larger system.

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